Top 10 Cemetery Management Software

Top 10 Cemetery Management Software

When it comes to cemetery management, there are quite a few options available to you. Cemetery HQ doesn’t provide this service (all we do is create websites) but we’ve compiled a list for your convenience.

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TechniServe Cemetery Manager

“TechniServe offers a complete cemetery information and accounting system that utilizes our comprehensive facilities management and computerization package – the Cemetery Manager.”


“PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards. It pulls everything you need to do from Contracts to Accounting all into the ONE place, saving you time and money.”


“Visualize and organize cemetery records like never before with our innovative cemetery software and add-ons.”

CIMS Cemetery Software

“CIMS Cemetery Software has distinct versions to accommodate any cemetery’s needs. Currently, our CIMS programs are managing over 1,000 cemeteries throughout the United States and internationally!”

Legacy Mark

“Legacy Mark proudly offers cemetery office solutions and expert services for every cemetery.”

Pontem Software

“At Pontem Software we know that a rich history doesn’t have to mean outdated tools and processes. We combine over 35 years of experience with our industry-leading cemetery management software to help you move your organization forward to a more fulfilling future.”


“Chronicle is a simple cemetery management software, designed to promote community engagement and maintain cemetery records.”

Grave Discover

“Cemetery Software for Cemetery Record Keeping, Mapping and and More!”


“Plot Boss helps you keep your records safe and organized. Manage your cemetery, “Like a Boss”. Our easy-to-use software can save you time and money”


“Records management and mapping for cemeteries.”